H-International School

H-International School

We encourage the self-realisation of students

Committed to you

We encourage the self-realisation of students, so that they can grow free, creative, self-confident, able to cooperate, to transform ideas into action and to build their own future. Students grow in a beautiful and functional location, with a rich and stimulating school culture, where teaching and learning are supported by a people-oriented approach made of positive relationships, innovative education and digital tools.

Our Mission Statement

H-International School empowers students to be internationally-minded citizens, shaping their own future in a rapidly changing global community.
Through innovative learning environments and the development of relationships based on compassion and respect, we enable students to become confident, creative and collaborative.

We are a community of active lifelong learners.

A unique network

We are a school developed by H-FARM. H-FARM has been investing in education since 2011, when realised how important and how needed new cultural and educational modes were, in order for current and future generations to be able to understand and catch the numerous opportunities connected with the huge change that digital technology is bringing along.

We do believe ideas come to life combining imagination and resourcefulness, which is why in H-FARM schools students, teachers, managers and professionals are connected and guided in a digital transformation process and become the informed leaders of today’s changes.

We train young people who can imagine, innovate and shape the world of tomorrow.

H-International School is part of the H-FARM Education programme, characterized by an innovative approach that revolutionizes traditional methods of teaching and learning by nurturing students’ individual talents, allowing them to develop their full potential through a dynamic didactic programme, the development of soft skills and through the use of advanced learning tools.

Our educational programme covers a very wide age range: from children as young as 3-years old to 26-year olds. Starting with the didactic pathway of the the IB program at the H-International Schools, the programme continues with university-level and specialized Masters programmes.

H-FARM Education is completely unique on a national and European level, due to the fact that it offers a complete educational experience in one single place, one in which students are in contact with young startuppers, entrepreneurs, executives from large corporations in an osmotic exchange of ideas, stimuli and best practices.

A lifelong learning journey

The journey into your future starts here

Digital laboratories designed for children

Three-year degree in Digital Management in partnership with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Institute of Magic Technologies

Transform your career with state-of-the-art professional training