Acceleration Lab Demo Night 2019

Acceleration Lab Demo Night 2019

On Wednesday, April 17th, at H-FARM’s The Hall auditorium, the long-awaited Acceleration Lab Demo Night took place: 26 students from MYP4 (the first year of High School) took turns on stage to present the projects they have been working on throughout the year, accompanied by their H-FARM mentor. The five teams all stuck with a strict dress code of black pants and white shirt. This year, the final decision of which team should receive the golden tractor was left entirely up to the event participants, with an exciting live vote.

The key word for this edition was “green.” Four groups out of five created projects that focus on protecting the environment, renewable energy and plastic recycling. Let’s take a closer look.
The duty and honour of “warming up the stage” was given to the T.I.A. Team with their mentor, Giulia. The team’s goal was to spread awareness about environmental pollution; their project involves the organisation of an event that will involve adults, students and young children, who will all work together to find concrete solution to environmental problems.
The Teamigence, together with Marco, came up with an idea for a platform or public app whose goal is to share information and news about good public works/smart cities, so that anyone can contribute to improving their local communities (very much in line with the IB philosophy).
The Star Anatomy team designed an informative exhibit on the topic of renewable energy, with a series of stands and activities with the aim of sensitising the participants on this important topic.
An interesting “deviation” from the focus on green topics was provided by the We Showed Up team who, along with their mentor Valentina, concentrated on erasing inequalities in the workplace - because power also wears high heels.

And - drum roll please - the golden tractor was awarded by the public to The Revolutioners and their mentor Marta, with the LightGreen Project: a web platform in which users can report areas that need cleaning up. They will unite forces and will transform the clean up process into a fun activity with music, games and challenges. Instagram profile: @lightgreen_cleanup

Are you ready? The launch event is planned for Sunday, May 26th at 9.30am at Adige river's mouth at Isola Verde, near Chioggia.

We will keep you updated!