The debut of the International School of Talents - Multicampus

The debut of the International School of Talents - Multicampus

The International School of Talents - Multicampus, a collaboration between the Gentium Schola Opitergium of Oderzo and H-International School Treviso, is a new school that is authorised to issue the IB Diploma Programme, the prestigious academic qualification that is recognised by the most important universities in the world. 

The two-year IB Diploma Programme corresponds to the third and fourth year of Italian high school (Grades 11 and 12 in the American system), which allows the students to finish secondary school one year prior to the traditional Italian system. This two-year programme becomes an integral part and of completes the didactic offering of H-IS and GSO.

Thanks to the collaboration between GSO and H-IS, the International School of Talents lessons will take place at two different campuses: at Ca’ Tron, where the H-International School Treviso is already located, and in Oderzo, in the classrooms of the Gentium Schola Opitergium.

Sharing a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach, the two campuses differentiate themselves in their educational offerings: at the Oderzo campus, students concentrate on humanistic and artistic subjects, while at the Ca' Tron campus, the programme has a more technological and business approach, with subjects that include economics, business and management and computer science.

Both campuses allow the possibility to those interested in having a complete experience to board in the Campus dormitories together with their classmates for either 5 or 7 days a week. 

The International School of Talents - Multicampus aims to be an agent for positive change in the development of individual talents, of the community and of the entire educational context. The student is at the center of the mission and educational principles of the school and is seen as an individual who has unique talents and who is able to significantly contribute to the development of society by sharing them with their community.

The students of the International School of Talents - Multicampus learn how to learn, how to develop their individual talents and how to autonomously make informed choices, to be responsible and share and to be connected to the world around them, without limits of time and space.

On November 10, we will hold the first Open Day for IST - Multicampus at both campuses, during which it will be possible for students to take the entrance exam for the Diploma Programme, For more information and to register: