Frozen - theatrical readaptation: written and directed by the “Reception Rockets”

Frozen - theatrical readaptation: written and directed by the “Reception Rockets”

Once again, our Early Years Unit has amazed us, this time with a new and marvelous artistic production that they created together with their teachers. The Reception Rocket’s (the “biggest” students of H-IS Treviso’s nursery school) most recent Unit of Inquiry explored “How we express ourselves”.

As always, everything began with an initial conversation with the students, who had the great idea of putting on a play! But what do you need to create a play? And what does it mean to be an actor? “It means that you pretend!” or “It means going on a stage and saying words.” The students discussed which story to reinterpret, choosing from the Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Cars, Batman, the Jungle Book and Frozen. They all voted and the winner was Frozen. 

The students couldn’t wait to get on stage and recite their lines. First, though, they needed to choose their roles, write the script (a task that their teacher Miss Vicky gladly accepted) and, since all of the girls wanted to be Elsa or Anna, they decided together who would play which role and were very mature in proposing that the aspiring actors must audition for their roles. Once the cast was complete, the children thought of how their character should dress and how to modify or add to the clothing they picked. They agreed to lend clothes to their classmates and offered to help others,  working very well in a group to find solutions.

What else do you need to put on a play? The set! A castle, clouds for the sky, trees….In the meantime, rehearsals had begun. The children acted very responsibly, listened to their teacher and tried their very best in everything that they did - just like real actors.  Apart from acting, the Reception Rockets also learned how to dance, counting to the rhythm of music to dance the choreography all together.

The experience was very engaging for the students, who proved that they can organize themselves, share their ideas and work together in a group, communicating with their classmates.

How exciting it was to perform in front of mom and dad!