H-IS, a school for creatives and innovators

H-IS, a school for creatives and innovators

A school system that attained only 35th place in the ranking of the best schools in the world, with a percentage of unused talent "potential" that exceeds 32%: the Italian primary and secondary school system barely reaches satisfactory standards for the last "Global Human Capital Report" of the World Economic Forum.

The threat is that "the educational systems are in risk of becoming obsolete" and that, in most cases, the efforts to update or modernize them are still not "in line with economic and social needs". This is why H-International School offers an educational curriculum that focuses on the talent of children and young people by teaching the skills necessary for the new professions required by the marketplace.

H-IS schools offer a network of advanced teaching facilities, with premises in Ca' Tron - between Venice and Treviso - Vicenza, Rosà and Monza, with a curriculum from nursery to high school, and boarding facilities at our Ca' Tron campus for those arriving from afar.

H-IS schools are born within the H-FARM ecosystem, the innovation platform able to support the creation of new business models and the transformation and education of young people and Italian companies from a digital point of view.

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“Constructing ‘future-ready’ curricula includes reviewing core linguistic, mathematical and technological literacies and ensuring sufficient attention to building digital fluency”. (WEF 2017)

At H-International School children and young people experiment, work in groups, design, use computers, iPads, build robots and use virtual reality, without forgetting colors, pencils and pens. School, teachers, students and parents work side by side to build an always active and engaging relationship to support the children.

"Our school's primary objective is to help children and adolescents develop skills rather than lock them up in programmes that are too rigid, often outdated, and certainly not very stimulating" explains Mauro Bordignon, H-IS Education Group Coordinator.

An international school where English is combined with Italian: "Technology and English are tools for us, never objectives - explains Bordignon - nowadays they are essential languages to know in order  to access as many opportunities and choices as possible".

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The world is in rapid change and even our country is struck by a process of renewal and transformation. In Italy, however, the population with basic skills relative to the world of technology is only 44% of the total, well below the European average of 56% and second to last place in the continental ranking, ahead only to Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

"We have a long way to go - emphasizes Bordignon - and our school's objective is to help young people make informed choices and to play a leading role in their own path of academic growth first, and then in their professional one".

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