H-IS students are above the average (grade)!

H-IS students are above the average (grade)!

“So, did our students learn as much here as they would have in a public school?”.
This is one of the main questions that, in one way or another, goes through the minds of parents when they are first considering the international school system for their children.

The answer to this question is confirmed by the exam results: in the final 1st cycle state exams for 2018/19 (or “Middle Year 3 exams” in laymans’ terms), H-IS Treviso students scored an average of 8.2, surpassing the national average for public school students for the 2017/18 school year, which was 7.6. 

At H-IS Rosà, two students out of 29 received honours, thus becoming part of the 0.4% of external students that received this recognition of merit.

Every year, our MYP3 students prepare to take the Italian public school system’s state exams, in which they take part as "external candidates".

Is it mandatory for our students to take these exams? At H-IS Treviso, which is legally a foreign school in Italy, it’s not necessary in the case the student is certain that they will continue their education entirely within the IB system. But, apart from the actual educational qualification, we believe it is important for our students to take advantage of every opportunity to test and confront themselves with different assessment and examination methods.