Ignition Lab: Aleix Valls (by Virginia Cacciavillan, student)

Ignition Lab: Aleix Valls (by Virginia Cacciavillan, student)

The 4th industrial revolution

Guest: Aleix Valls
Position: CEO & Cofounder of liquid
Date: 30/1/19
Author: Virginia Cacciavillan

In ignition Lab that Wednesday we had the pleasure of meeting Aleix Valls: an interesting man with an outstanding path. The 41-year-old speaker began is presentation mentioning how much he loved math. He loved the subject so much it was the only thing he was willing to study at university. Nowadays it seems like he did one of the greatest challenges in the world as of the reputation that the subject has, but in reality, he told us that when he studied math the jobs opportunities you had where: become a teacher or a consultant which aren’t that appealing to the most of us. Nevertheless, he obtained his degree in the 2000s and became a civil engineer. 

He also got a P.H.D. in 2004 about the “use of a computer to define flows around an infrastructure“ which he said it was something nobody knew the existence of (also called C.F.D.). He then continued his career and actually became a consultant in a company where his job was to discover and apply new business strategies. Because of work, he traveled to China and Dubai and lived there for about three years each before returning to Barcelona in 2010. Now, as he came back to his hometown Mr. Valls still worked in his company, LiquiD, a company that predicts heavy flows of water around infrastructures to reduce possible damages; but he decided to do something new, something he was deeply interested in: coding and digital. Mr. Valls entered the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, a Congress with more than 2,400 leading companies in the technological world and he told us it was “exciting but tiring”. 
I believe he came to talk to us because he is currently working with H-FARM since we are surrounded by the river Sile (but this is just a theory), but as he spoke he conveyed a message for us students. He stated that we are now living in the “4th industrial revolution” as the digital is” changing the way we understand society” and that we all should start coding as coding will be as useful as a language in the future. Mr. Valls also mentioned that he does not remember the world before the internet, and he is 41 years old! 

Now, I might be a little bias on this matter since I too am a student of computer science and I do enjoy problem-solving and coding, but I strongly agree with him. Nowadays the phone is a part of us; together with the computer, microwave, and stove. The digital world is beyond a part of our lives, it has become a part of ourselves.