Ignition Lab: Sabrina Bertazzo (by Sebastiano Speranza, student)

Ignition Lab: Sabrina Bertazzo (by Sebastiano Speranza, student)

Find your passions, Fulfil your dreams

Guest: Sabrina Bertazzo
Position: Founder, Inchiostro & Paper
Date: 14 November 2018
Author: Sebastiano Speranza, MYP5

Last week was a tough one. I had a million things to do, a million deadlines to respect, and when such weeks come, they usually hit the whole school at once. Only the idea of enjoying an hour of calm and peace was lovely, but it got even better when the speech begun.

Sabrina talked about passions, taking time, about writing on paper instead of using digital tools, gifting to us students a moment to really calm down a bit and to remember that life is not only a steeplechase between deadlines and to do lists.

Sabrina Bertazzo introduced herself to us as a woman who has travelled a lot. She studied in Italy, focusing on Economics and Business Administration, jumping into the business world as a very young manager with no experience. Six years after this jump, she had already become an important figure in a very important company that you may have heard of: Amazon.

Sabrina was the Senior Project Manager for Europe, leading strategic projects following Amazon’s expansion plans. After achieving this position, she decided to leave the business world for a while to travel around the world, a decision that changed her life.

After more than a year of travelling, she came back to business, starting to work for a company in the accommodation sector, but most importantly, funding “Inchiostro and Paper”, a business that produces a vast catalogue of paper based goods, such as agendas, planners and notebooks, respecting the environment and working for all those customers who prefer to work on paper than on digital supports.

Sabrina’s presentation was organized in an interesting way. Divided in three pieces, it symbolized the three lives of Sabrina. Her first life was made of work, hustle and renounces, a frenetic run to her goals and objectives. That frenetic life ended up in Amazon, fulfilling Sabrina’s objectives. After this period, she went on her trip, her second life, made of nature, friends and adventures around the world.

When she came back from this trip, she started her third life. Something changed during that period of travelling, making Sabrina aware of something she didn’t know in her previous life. That long travel in the long time of a life-time was like our magic hour in the shorter time of a week, a moment of time “to remember that life is not only a steeplechase between deadlines and to do lists”.

I have always been told that travelling opens eyes, and Sabrina is a clear example of this. Through her speech she talked a lot about passions, about how important it is to follow them, as she did in her travel and in “Inchiostro and Paper”. Slow down, think, and follow your passions, a very deep message, that I think hit the audience of the Ignition.lab as a bomb.

Throwing such a message to a crowd of business students whose main aim is to become successful in the business world would cause an explosion itself, but it was even more powerful as it was thrown by a woman that had already become successful in business, giving an inside view, an advice, marking the importance of following dreams and passions.

Personally, I really enjoyed this Ignition Lab., and not only because it gave me a break from my week, but especially because of the message and experience that brought inside our school.

Following dreams and passions can be difficult in a world that runs faster every day, but Sabrina did it, and she said she had never been that happy.

What more important goal could there be life than happiness?