Ignition Lab takes off: Riccardo Donadon (by Sebastiano Speranza, student)

Ignition Lab takes off: Riccardo Donadon (by Sebastiano Speranza, student)

Guest: Riccardo Donadon (featuring Mauro Bordignon)
Position: Co-founder and CEO, H-Farm and H-International School
Author: Speranza Sebastiano, MYP5

On the third day of school we, MYP4 and MYP5, had our first Ignition Lab hour of the year, an hour that takes the place of what last year was called Magic Hour. As first guest of the Ignition Lab we had Riccardo Donadon, entrepreneur, founder of H-FARM and our school, together with the school principal Mauro Bordignon.

Riccardo brought many interesting points into its speech. One of the things he talked about was the incredible development that our generation will witness. The technological development that took place in the last decades was quick, but in the years to come we are going to see it explode, reaching vertiginous speeds. In order to keep up with this continuous change Riccardo told the audience that our child spirit will be fundamental. A child sees the world as his playground. Everything is huge, but everything is reachable. A child has no limits, nothing is too hard or far. If we are able to be as open-minded and fearless as a child keeping up with progress will become our favorite game.

Another interesting topic that Riccardo talked about during his speech was timing. He said that it is fundamental for a business to center the right timing in order to successfully debut with its service or product. He presented the example of one of the first vocal assistants that was created. It offered an incredible service, as performing that today it could be a competitor of Apple’s Siri. Anyway, the software did not reach the incredible success that Siri obtained, only because of a matter of timing. Timing is fundamental. Even the greatest idea if presented with the wrong timing will fail.

Riccardo and Mauro also talked together about their story. The story of Riccardo is always incredible to listen to. He went from playing with the first computers to the foundation of different business linked to the digital world. After this period Riccardo realized what today we call H-Farm and joined his friend Mauro in the creation of H-International School, a technology-based school that could link students to the work world of the startups of H-FARM, our school.

Regarding the school Riccardo received a question about the new campus. After long legal process and difficulties the campus seems to start becoming a realizable project. He said that he would like to move into the new structure during the Easter break of 2020. Unfortunately, no sure confirmation was given.

Mauro spoke about the school too. He focused on the Acceleration Lab topic. MYP4s were new to this project, so Mauro introduced it as an opportunity that doesn’t have to be wasted. He talked about last year’s projects and got the new students into the right perspective to look at this occasion.

Overall it has been a very interesting (and long) Magic hour, or Ignition Lab, or whatever else it will be called. Anyway, listening to Riccardo and Mauro is always interesting, and we hope we will be able to listen to them again in a future Ignition Lab.


Sebastiano Speranza, MYP5