A lesson in music and solidarity

A lesson in music and solidarity

Friday, January 18th will be a special day for our students: they will have the chance to spend a musical afternoon with an exceptional orchestra, the Ensemble Terra Mater.

The Ensemble Terra Mater was founded in Verona in 2006. The orchestra is made up of five young multi-instrumentalists who are passionate about music from all over the world. Their project is grounded in their deep interest in the musical patrimony that is at the roots of Mediterranean culture and for the Medieval European repertory.

During this special lesson, the students will explore a variety of ancient musical traditions: from Sephardic singing to Macedonian dancing, Portuguese cantiga of the 13th century and the rhythms of Arab music.

The Ensemble Terra Mater will also take the stage during a concert at H-FARM, in an event dedicated to solidarity, whose proceeds will be donated to the "Let's Save the Stradivarius Wood" crowdfunding campaign. This campaign was created following the devastating weather conditions last November that seriously damaged the Val di Fiemme forest, which resulted in the destruction of hundreds of ancient spruce trees.

At the following link, you can register for this charity event.