Sean, from H-IS to the Sparx Camps

Sean, from H-IS to the Sparx Camps

We met Sean in a lab full of boxes, tools, cables and recycling materials. This is the backstage of the Sparx Camps, H-FARM’ summer digital laboratories.

Sean has been a H-International School Treviso student, but next year life will bring him and his family in a new adventure (and a new international school): in a few weeks, they are moving to Dubai.

Before leaving, Sean decided to spend his last weeks in Italy among his school’s classrooms - now the Sparx headquarters - where he is busy with a few hours of Service as Action. MYP students have to spend a few extracurricular hours serving their community locally or globally, showing their dedication in helping others and the environment. «I’m learning a lot here, working with Excel, on invoices and payments… And in the meantime I’m helping the Sparx team».

Don’t you mind moving from your town? «I already moved last year, when I left Milan to study here, spending my week in the school’s boarding. Living with other students has been a great experience, but I’m thrilled to move to a city like Dubai as well. I have always made friends easily». Sean is independent and ready for the change. «I will keep on attending an IB school in English, I think this educational system gives you something more, besides giving me the chance to go to the University I want».

He already has some ideas for his future. «I would like to do something business related, like the Digital Management degree you got here».

We wish you the best luck for your next adventure, Sean!