Vegetable Portraits

Vegetable Portraits

Atelier supported by H-IS Mandorla in collaboration with Reggio Children ''Vegetable Portraits''

Saturday, April 14, the families of Monza made the first approach to the Reggio Emilia Approach educational project intended as an educational philosophy, designed for children aged 0-6.

Thanks to H-IS Mandorla the new bilingual project of educational excellence that will open in Monza on August 27th, 2018 and to Pedagogiste and Atelieriste of Reggio Children, families have been able to try the new and unforgettable experience - Atelier '' Portraits of vegetables '' at St. George Premier in the Monza park.

A multi-sensorial journey that has allowed children to discover new ways of seeing vegetables, leaving them free to explore with expressiveness and creativity: '' this leaf of cabbage observed under the microscope has ''freckles'' (said Noemi, 4 years); or to give new names to the vegetables without fear of making mistakes: pointing to the radish ''I called him rossino'' (Lorenzo, 6 years old)

The new nursery and Infant-toddler center H-IS Mandorla, which will faithfully follow the Reggio Emilia Approach and EYP Program, affirms that children will be given the opportunity to explore, work together, have fun, express their creativity and originality, and interact with the environment that surrounds them, with the educators, the atelierists and the family.

This will allow children to build and experience their own growth experience, instead of passively absorbing it as a preconceived concept. Children are not containers to be filled; it is necessary to provide them with stimuli for thought and learning. The children are born curious.


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