What Does Happiness Sound Like?

What Does Happiness Sound Like?

Thoughts, joy, worries, love, insecurities, curiosity. In one word: adolescence. One of the most intense moments in life, when future dreams start taking shape, while we seek our identity and try to express it through sports, interests and everyday life.

Throughout all this, Ginevra writes, sings and plays her own songs. With the nervous talk and shifty eyes typical of someone hiding their shyness, she says: ‘I am not good at talking or saying what I feel. I prefer to write and I write a lot, including letters… I have always been like this, ever since I was a child’. And what about music then? ‘Nobody taught me how to play. I took some lessons to learn how to write music, but never had a guitar lesson. My guitar was given to me as a present when I was little and I learnt to play on my own. Now, when I feel the need, I grab my guitar and play to express what I feel and what I would like other people to understand about me. I start by writing the music and then, when I am comfortable with it, I write the lyrics and finish my song.’

Ginevra’s music comes from the inside and you can tell. To the point that when her parents heard her music for the first time, they asked her who had composed it. And it’s the adult world that her music talks to, a world that has never felt so distant like it does now.
But her wish of being understood does not stop here. At the end of the MYP5, the IB requires that students present a Personal Project. The topic can be anything, as long as it is personal. Ginevra wrote seven songs, each title linked to the next one. And she also painted. “We worked on a project with our Spanish teacher we worked on a project that also included art. We were asked to express our feelings through drawing. Thus I have a painting for every song I wrote and I was thinking of selling my paintings and donate the profits to a charity. I took video of myself while I was painting and I will post my videos together with some interviews I did about happiness.”

Difficult but important words, especially at this age. 

P.S. Ginevra is trying to submit her songs to Ed Sheeran, but he does not use social networks. If anyone knows how to get to him, she would be EXTREMELY happy!