When school nurtures entrepreneurial ideas

When school nurtures entrepreneurial ideas

Chiara, Martina and Matilde are 18 years old and run the High School indoor snack bar. No coffee tables or coffee machines, but instead during the morning break, they pull out sweets and chips from their cupboard and serve nearly a hundred students.

“Last year I was a member of the student council and many of us felt the need to eat something during the morning break,” says Matilde, “We turned to our coordinator Mr. Coppard who challenged us to find our own solution».

And so the first trips to the supermarket began, almost daily, until they figured out what sold best. The goods are delivered to school in shopping bags on the school bus. Then the need to keep the books, revenue vs costs, all set up on a properly programmed excel file. This year the number of students has increased, and going to the supermarket has become difficult. But students continue to rely on them.

“We are trying out Amazon or we’ll try to make a deal with wholesalers.” Retail prices are dictated by the market: “We don’t have a fixed percentage to work out our profit margin, but instead we rely on the product. If we know that one particular item is in high demand, we charge a little more, but we are talking about a few cents at most.”

And the profits? At the end of the year, once we cover the costs, it will all go to charity, to a food hall for the poor in Mestre (VE). Our students are going as a group of about 20 to serve and work in the kitchen approximately once per month. In fact, this activity will be recognized as part of the CAS (Creativity Activity Service) hours that must be completed to obtain the diploma as the IB MYP programme requires students to devote part of their extracurricular time at the service of the community, whether scholastic, local or International. “We’ve put all our effort in this project, but we could have never done it without the support and encouragement of the school …”

Chiara, Matilde and Martina pulled out all their perseverance and enthusiasm to help their peers. They dream of studying psychology, becoming linguists, working with artificial intelligence, and with the media. Given the premise, we can predict they will go a long way and will achieve far more than they can imagine.