Infant-Toddler Centre

Infant-Toddler Centre

The first steps towards world exploration


The specific characteristic of the Infant-Toddler Centre is that it focuses on how and when children learn, it has different spaces designed to meet different needs, and it cares for children’s relationships, which goes hand in hand with the support of an ever-increasing independence.


A special thought is devoted to infants starting day-care between 6 and 11 months, who are guaranteed specific responses to their needs, including their sleeping and eating habits.

The Reggio Children value

The Infant-Toddler Centre and the Early Years Unit are created in collaboration with Reggio Children, an organisation that spreads and promotes Reggio Emilia's educational approach for day-care and nursery schools worldwide, which is fast becoming a global point of reference in education. Ours is a strongly desired partnership with the aim of creating a unique educational proposal for the whole territory of Monza, Brianza and Northern Milan.

For the Infant-Toddler Centre and the Early Years Unit relying on the support of Reggio Children means benefitting from a pedagogical know-how that is based on active listening between child, teacher and parents. Hence, an educational philosophy that aims to fully develop the -often unexpressed- potential and resources of the younger children.

The atelier

Research, exploration of themselves and the world around them are the main characteristics of the on-going experimental work of the Reggio Children approach, which is put into practice in the ateliers: places designed to experiment and discover new ways of expression and to deepen the child’s knowledge of the infinite possible combinations of these expression modes.

Therefore, let’s give space to artistic languages such as painting, manipulation, graphics, but also to body languages, such as movement, play, and non-verbal communication. A place and a project to enhance the hundred languages of children, working both on the creative processes and on the expression of one's own emotions and inner world.