Early Years Unit

Early Years Unit

Creativity, movement and environment


We believe that promoting relationships, learning, and independence is possible by providing the right space at the right time so that everyone feels at ease, free to express their thoughts and to enjoy being sociable without feeling forced to it, thus resting assured that their participation is important for their own learning and for the growth of the whole group.

The Family

The growth process of children must be as harmonious as possible. For this reason, we consider family participation in the educational process and a continuous dialogue with families as indispensable values.

Not only are parents kept constantly informed about everything that happens every day and their children's activities, but they are also invited to take an active part in school life, promoting exchange and integration.

Discussion with educators, other parents and the community fosters the creation of an open context, which the younger ones are the first to take advantage of. Individual meetings, group meetings and social occasions are provided to meet and satisfy the parents' needs to improve in this very difficult task.

The Environment

The collaboration with Reggio Children has enabled H-International School Monza to organise a daily environment for children conceived as a “third educator”.

Light, space and natural materials characterise places in which there is a continuous dialogue between the inside and outside but that also enhances the historical identity of the place itself.

In these places the child as individual finds many opportunities for expressing themselves, thus strengthening their communicative and creative skills.

The environment is designed carefully, also guaranteeing safety, so that teachers can operate favouring the continuous development of the children's independence.