School canteen, bus service, early arrival

School canteen

Students’ meals are provided by La Cucina Veneta srl.

The school’s educational philosophy considers lunchtime as both a relaxing break for students but also an important moment of educational value. During lunch, students are assisted by their teachers and other school personnel who indicate correct behaviour at the table, including posture and treatment of fellow students at their table and of the food. The students are not forced to eat but are invited to try everything served to them.

The educational value of service is a strong characteristic in the Middle School, where students take turns in assisting school staff in preparing lunch tables for their fellow students and helping to tidy up afterwards. This initiative is an example of “community service”, which is an integral part of the educational programme on which the School is based.

The weekly menu is always on display at the entrance for consultation. 

Special menus can be requested for students that have certified dietary needs (es. food allergies, celiac disease).

Bus service

The School can be easily reached from Bassano, Cittadella and Vicenza. A large parking area allows parents to easily park their cars outside the school building.

We have several school bus lines that connect the school with different areas like Asolo, Castelfranco, Bassano, Vicenza, Schio, Thiene, Marostica, Cittadella.

For more information, please contact the school secretary at the following email address:

Early arrival

For those families who, due to their work schedules, are not able to drop off their children at the standard start time of the school day, an early arrival service with entrance at 8am instead of 8.30am is provided.

The annual cost of this service is 150 euros.