Fees and discounts

Fees and discounts

All you need to know

Payment Options and Due Dates

There are three payment options available for your child(ren)’s school fees:

Full balance payment: due date within five (5) working days of receipt of invoice (31st May 2019).
Payment in six installments: due dates bi-monthly as of 31st May 2019.
12 monthly installments: due dates starting from 31st May 2019 in SSD mode (ex RID).

School Fees include tuition, insurance and lunches. PYP School Fees also include textbooks and the cost of the necessary iPad Apps.

The Admission Fee (one off for each new student) and the Registration Fee must be paid in full within five days of receiving the enrolment confirmation from the school office. The first instalment of the Tuition Fee and of the Technology Development Fee (or the full balance payment) is due on the 31st of May preceding the beginning of the academic year, (i.e. ,for the a.y. 2019/2020 the first instalment is due on 31st May 2019).

Registrations by January 31, 2019 benefit from a discounted Registration Fee of €1,000.


Thanks to collaborations with several credit institutions, H-International School families have the possibility to request personalized financing solutions.

In addition, students and families may be counseled by a personal financial advisor. Together, you'll find the best financing solution with the best conditions.

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