S.Y. 2019-2020

S.Y. 2019-2020

General Terms and Conditions

Art. 1 – Subject of the Contract

1.1. The subject of this contract (from now on called Enrolment Contract) are the services offered by H-International School srl (from now on called School), a company controlled by H-Farm spa, with legal venue in Via Sile, 41, Roncade (TV), tax code and vat nr IT 03888620261, operating in the educational market starting from pre-school up until high school. The prospectus outlining the aforementioned services is available at this link: http://download.h-is.com/H-IS-Treviso_offerta-formativa_2019-2020.pdf

1.2 H-International School Treviso is authorised by the Italian Ministry of Education to operate as a Foreign School in Italy through the MIUR decree nr C19a dated 21/09/2016, registered at the Veneto Region educational office, as per article 366 of the legislative decree 297/1994 and article 1 of the Presidential decree 389/1994.


Art. 2 – Enrolment

2.1 Enrolments will only be processed if the parent(s)/guardian(s) complete the online procedure.

2.2 The 2019-20 enrolment procedure must be completed by 12 noon of 18th December 2018. In the event a student was not enrolled by the set date and time –even if they were already students at H-IS- they will be included in a waiting list, which will be compiled according to the date their enrolment process was completed, up until the maximum number of students per each class is reached.

2.3 If the student was pre-enrolled, terms and conditions indicated in the pre-enrolment form will be considered valid, even if different from the provisions above.

2.4 Once the parent(s)/guardian(s) complete the online procedure, the School has 10 (ten) working days to verify the information received through the form and the requested uploaded documents and send a response via email to the parent(s)/guardian(s) to confirm or deny the student’s enrolment –safe the provisions in article 2.5-. The contract’s general terms and conditions and privacy statement, together with other relevant documents will be attached to the same email. Once the parent(s)/guardian(s) receive and check the information contained in the attachments, they must digitally sign and send the aforementioned documents back to the School within 5 (five) days, according to the instructions provided in the digital signature procedure. From that moment onwards, the enrolment is considered accepted and the Contract is considered fulfilled and completed.

2.5 The School reserves the right to refuse the student’s enrolment, committing to inform the parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing within the time limit provided in article 2.4. Should the ten-day period of time expire and no email be sent by the School, the student’s enrolment is not considered accepted and the Contract is not considered fulfilled and completed.

2.6 Entries will not be accepted:

  1. I if the form has not been filled out in its entirety
  2. II where the Registration Fee has not been paid and, where applicable, the one-off Admission Fee – as outlined in article 3-
  3. III if payment terms have not been respected in previous years and there are outstanding fees due to the school
  4. IV when the student who intends enrolling in the MYP 4 or 5 classes has not been successful at the admission test or the student enrolling in the previous classes has presented the School with a previous school history that is deemed not to be up to H-IS standards
  5. V when a student behaved in a way that was considered inappropriate and not up to the School’s standards the previous year.


Art. 3 – Payment, Discounts

3.1 The parent(s)/legal guardian(s), upon signing this Enrolment Contract, commit to paying for each child enrolled at the School: (i) where applicable, the one-off Admission Fee, (ii) the Registration Fee, (iii) the Tuition Fee and (iv) the Tech Development Fee (from now on the fees provided at items (i) - (iv) will be called School Fees)

3.2 The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of newly enrolled students undertake to pay the fee for the Language Support Service should the school, at its own discretion, deem it necessary. The cost of the service is € 2,000 per language, payable in two instalments (30/09/2019 and 31/12/2019). The Language Support Service is in place only for the school’s two languages of communication –Italian and English- starting from the Reception class (i.e. the third year of nursery) onwards.

3.3 The Admission Fee -if applicable- and the Registration Fee must be paid within five (5) working days from the date the online procedure is completed as per Article 2 above. The amount of the Registration Fee is:

  • € 1,000 (one thousand), if the online procedure is completed by 31st January 2019,
  • € 1,800 (one thousand, eight hundred) if the online procedure is completed after 31st January 2019.

Payment for the Tuition Fee and the Technology Development Fee must be made by the dates provided in the attachment called Attachment A. The amount of the other School Fees is also provided in the same attachment.

3.4 The Tuition Fee includes the following: school service, insurance cover for civil liability and injury, lunches, the provision of a computer/iPad –depending on the class of registration- with all the relevant apps and the necessary assistance, Human Skills service (as described in the school prospectus).

For students enrolled in the elementary school, the Fees also include the textbooks.

For students enrolled in the Reception class and for new students enrolled from PYP 1 until MYP3 the Tuition Fee also includes the following set of uniform items: 1 short-sleeved polo shirt, one long-sleeved polo shirt, 1 sports t-shirt, 1 pair of trousers, 1 cardigan.

3.5 In the event that more than one sibling was enrolled at the School, a 10% discount will be applied to the Tuition Fee of the second-born, and a 15% discount will be applied to the Tuition Fee of the third-born.

3.6 The Tuition and Technology Development Fees can be paid according to the following options:

  1. balance payment through bank transfer: no later than 31/05/2019. A 5% discount is applied to the Tuition Fee for balance payments

  2. six bi-monthly instalments –preferably through bank transfer-: by 31/05/2019, 31/07/2019, 30/09/2019, 30/11/2019, 31/01/2020, 31/03/2020

  3. twelve monthly instalments: starting from 31/05/2019 until 30/04/2020 by SEPA direct debit.

The payment method choice must be made through the enrolment procedure.

3.7 The parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to pay the due amounts by the dates provided at article 3.6. Parent(s)/guardian(s) also declare they have been informed, they are aware and accept that interests at the current legal rate and moratory interests will apply in case of late or missed payments as per the provisions of legislative decree 231/2002 and subsequent amendments.

Payment for the Admission and Registration Fee must be made via transfer at the following bank details:
Account holder: H-International School srl
Bank: Unicredit spa, Roncade branch
IBAN: IT 36R0200862010000104053334

3.8 Safe the provisions of article 3.7, payments can also be made by a third person other than the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) who signed this Enrolment Contract. The person who undertakes payment must undersign the unilateral contract, which is this Contract’s attachment called Attachment B.

3.9 The discounts applied on the second-born and on the third-born child’s Tuition Fee and the discount for balance payments are applied as follows: the 5% balance payment discount is applied first, then the 10% second-born (or 15% third-born) child discount is applied.

3.10 Safe the provisions of article 3.12, article 6.2 and 6.3, the parent(s)/guardian(s) declare they have been informed, are aware of and accept that the amounts of the School Fees will not be reimbursed even in the case of termination and/or dissolution of this Enrolment Contract for all and any reasons, as per the following articles 6 and 7.

3.11 The parent(s)/guardian(s) are also bound to pay the School Fees if the student is withdrawn and re-enrolled. An exception is made for the sole Admission Fee, which is not due again provided the student is re-enrolled no later than three years after their first enrolment.

3.12 Except for the cases provided in articles 2.5 at paragraphs ii and iii, for which there is no reimbursement, in the event a potential student’s enrolment was refused by the School, the latter will reimburse their Registration and Admission Fee solely for the year they were paid for.

3.13 In the event of a pre-enrolment –as outlined in article 2.3- and confirmation from the school of availability in the selected class, should the School not confirm the student’s enrolment, it will return the € 200 pre-enrolment fee –provided this was paid by parent(s)/guardian(s)-.


Art. 4 – Extra-curricular Activities, Field Trips and Residential Visits

4.1 During the school year, the School may organise extracurricular activities for which parent(s)/guardian(s) must sign a specific consent form. Should such activities involve payment for participation, said participation will be deemed approved upon receipt of payment. In the event payment is not received, the student will not be allowed to take part in the organised activity.

4.2 During the school year, the School organises field trips and residential visits, which cost is not included in the School Fees. Advance payment for the aforementioned trips is necessary in order for the student to be allowed to take part in them. Field trips are part of the curriculum, therefore students are required to participate; whereas the student’s participation in residential visits is recommended but not compulsory. Should the student be absent on the day of a field trip, the amount paid will not be reimbursed. Reimbursements for missed residential visits will be evaluated on a case by case basis, depending on the notice period the parent(s)/guardian(s) provide the School with.


Art. 5 – Individual Parent-Teacher Meetings

5.1 Parents/legal guardians may request individual meetings with school teachers, in the manner and the time agreed with the teacher. Such individual meetings cannot be extended beyond the assigned time period and, in any case, cannot interrupt or delay tasks of the staff and teaching activities. Should parents need a more in-depth discussion, they may ask for a follow-up meeting with the Head of Programme.


Art. 6 - Withdrawal

6.1 The School must be informed of a student's intention to withdraw via registered letter with delivery confirmation or via registered email –pec- no more than 30 (thirty) days from the date the enrolment procedure was completed.

6.2 In the event of a withdrawal within the term outlined in article 6.1, the school will return any Registration Fee paid, but not the pre-enrolment fee, nor the one-off Admission Fee.

6.3 Once the term referred to in the preceding Article 6.1 has elapsed, in the event of withdrawal from the School, for any reason, prior to the beginning of the school, the School will be entitled to the payment of the Registration Fee and the one-off Admission Fee, and also of an additional amount of € 2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred/00), as a breach of contract penalty, pursuant to and by effect of art. 1373, paragraph three of the Civil Code. It should be pointed out that payment of the aforementioned amount is to be considered as compensation for having exercised the right to withdrawal by the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the condition of its effectiveness.

6.4 In the event of a withdrawal of the student enrolled for whatever reason during the school year, payment must be made to the school not only of the Registration Fee and the one-off Admission Fee -if applicable-, but also the entire Tuition Fees and Technology Development Fee for the current year, thereby cancelling any discounts applied to the School Fees, as indemnity and reimbursement for expenses incurred to guarantee and provide the services referred to in this Enrolment Contract.


Art. 7 – Non-compliance and contract termination

7.1 It is understood that the non-payment and/or late payment by more than 30 (thirty) days of the Admission Fee, the Registration Fee and/or an instalment of the Tuition Fee/Technology Development Fee will entitle the School to rescind this contract by informing the parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing and to request payment for the missed instalments within 10 days, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1454 of the Civil Code.

7.2 In case of late payments parent(s)/guardian(s) are requested to pay an amount corresponding to € 2,000 (two thousand/00), as compensation for operating costs related to the management of delayed/missed payments, as per the previous article 7.1.

7.3 The School will also have the right to revoke any enrolment and/or pre-enrolment for subsequent school years and to terminate the relevant contracts, pursuant to and to the effect of article 1456 of the Civil Code. Any payments received for Pre-Enrolment Fee, Registration Fee, Admission Fee and/or Tuition Fee/Technology Development Fee for subsequent years will be applied to the amounts due for the School Fees for the current year. Likewise, in case payments for the previous school year(s) were missing, payments received for the current academic year School Fees will be applied to the amounts due for the School Fees for the previous year(s).

7.4 Overdue payments by over 30 days will result in the cancellation of benefits and discounts applied. Parents who have not settled all due payments will not be admitted to parent-teacher meetings.

7.5 In the event set forth in article 7.1, the School reserves the right to suspend the student’s attendance and to deny access to the activities outlined in article 4 and to also deny use of school services until any overdue amount is settled.


Art. 8 – Responsibility in case of non-compliance

8.1 Parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student remain fully responsible towards the School in relation to the compliance with the obligations outlined in article 3.


Art. 9 – Internet access and use of school devices

9.1 Should the school recognise the need, it can activate, without additional costs, an email address and a personal account for each student and family to access a password-protected area. This account will grant access to school information such as absence/presence, marks, homework, etc. The password will be provided by the School staff when the service is activated.

9.2 The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) accept that the username and password they are provided with are personal and must not be disclosed to third parties. Therefore they commit to preserving their login details with diligence and remain responsible for any consequence that may occur as a result of improper use of their account from unauthorised people.

9.3 The school, aware of the importance of computer technology in education, offers its internet connection free of charge to all students enrolled. Connection will be via a password-protected wi-fi. Without this password, it will not be possible to connect to the Internet.

9.4 The School also provides each student with a computer/iPad (including all relevant accessories, such as a battery charger, external units, etc.), so that the student can use it to carry out the tasks assigned in lessons. Should the computer/iPad be stolen, parents(s)/guardian(s) must report the theft to the competent authorities, providing them with all the documentation available and any useful information – including the device’s identification number-. Parent(s)/guardian(s) will also be responsible for providing the School with a copy of the police report.

9.5 Should the computer/iPad get lost, parent(s)/guardian(s) must immediately -or in any case no later than 24 hours after the loss is confirmed- notify the School, providing any information in relation to the circumstances in which the computer/iPad was lost.

9.6 Should the computer/iPad be damaged and unless it is proved that the damage was caused for reasons that could not be controlled by the student, parent(s)/guardian(s) will have to pay a penalty of € 120 for each damaged device, safe the School’s right to claim a higher amount to repay for a bigger damage.

9.7 In the event set forth at articles 9.4 and 9.5, should the parent(s)/guardian(s) not provide the School with all the relevant documentation and/or not inform the School within the time provided above, the School reserves the right to charge parent(s)/guardian(s) with the entire cost of the computer/iPad.

9.8 Regarding the accessories such as the battery charger, etc, parent(s)/guardian(s) are entirely responsible for their loss and/or theft and/or damage and will have to repay the entire cost related to their replacement.

9.9 Parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to pay the amounts set forth at articles 9.6, 9.7 and 9.8 within 15 (fifteen) days from the moment they receive the email from the School.

9.10 Parent(s)/guardian(s) commit to instruct the student as per the rules set in the attachment to this Contract called Attachment D, thus taking full and sole responsibility for the use the student will do of the device assigned. Therefore parent(s)/guardian(s) confirm they do not hold the School responsible for the use the student will do of its internet connection and/or of the devices assigned to them for school use.


Art. 10 – Protection of intellectual property rights

10.1 The School is the sole rightholder of any intellectual and industrial property rights on all the contents made available to students during school activities, such as –for instance- teaching material distributed in any form or way, the software and/or programs and/or tools the student is provided with at any time during the school year.

10.2 It is forbidden to copy, distribute, upload online or in any way use or exploit any of the products, projects or material on which the School owns exclusive rights, regardless of whether directly or through a third party.

10.3 Should the aforementioned obligations be violated, the School will be entitled to take legal action in order to protect any violated right, and to also claim damage compensation.


Art. 11 – Personal data protection

11.1 Personal data protection is a priority for the School. In this regard, the School commits to process the data collected through this Enrolment Contract according to the regulations currently in place for personal data processing, and according to the guidelines and provisions of the Data Protection Supervisor.

11.2 The School informs parent(s)/guardian(s) that all data communicated to the School will be managed as outlined in the Informative Note on Data Management, which is the Attachment C of this Contract.

11.3 Parent(s)/guardian(s) commit to inform any person whose personal data is provided to the School during the online procedure or during the performance of this Contract regarding the contents of this article and the contents of the Informative Note on Data Management.


Art. 12

12.1 The invalidity of any single clause does not lead to the entire contract being invalidated.


NOTE: For the purposes of the validity of this Enrolment Contract, it is essential that it is signed by both parents/legal guardians, with the exception of one parent being the sole guardian of the child.