Middle Years Programme

Middle Years Programme

Growth, reflection and action.
Five years to focus on their goals

Curriculum and subjects

The Middle Years Programme curriculum is divided into a three-year and a two-year period. Throughout the programme, students are required to receive instruction in all eight subject groups set by the IB: Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Individuals and Societies, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Design, Physical and Health Education (PHE). For each of these areas, the school can choose the topics they teach within each subject group and how many.

During the first three-year period (grades 6-8) the MYP subjects are approached in their entirety, while in the second two-year period (grade 9-10), students have the flexibility, for 6 hours a week, to focus on subjects of their choice in collaboration with teachers, parents, the school counselor.

The final grade is based on an average of all the grades given during the year, which may range from 0 to 8, where 8 is the maximum, and where the variables are the year and the subject. Twice a year, at the end of each semester, students' progress reports are sent out.

During the last six months of the MYP5 programme, students prepare their final Personal Project.

Entrance Exam

In order to enrol in H-International School, starting from the year MYP4 (grade 9), it is necessary to pass an admission test, consisting of written tests in mathematics, logic and English followed by an oral test in English.

The tests are held at least four times a year, generally in the months of November, January and May. Students are free to repeat the test several times and, should the outcome of the first test be negative, our teachers will examine the weaknesses with the student and help plan the next step towards improvement.

In the case of a first negative outcome, H-International School Treviso provides an online video-course with one of our teachers to improve the level of mathematics as well as a collaboration with Fluentify.com to improve the level of English.

Service as action

Serving as volunteers in a hospice or youth group, reading for young children, attending school activities, tutoring to younger students, collaborating with local associations or charity fundraising. The IB curricula expects that some of the MYP students' hours be devoted to "Service as Action", i.e. service to the community they live in, under the direction of a supervising teacher. It can be done at private or public level, locally or regionally, nationally or internationally.

Helping where it is needed, students can have a greater understanding of how a community works and what problems it has to deal with. And learn that together you can make the difference.


Classes start at 8.30am and end at 4:15pm, with a break in the morning (10.10-10.30) and a break for lunch.

School Life

MYP students are the main promoters of activities outside the classroom as they organize fundraisers, clubs and even language lessons during their lunch break. The five years of MYP are powered by communities of students who, with the support of our teachers, know how to take the initiative.