Primary Years Programme

Primary Years Programme

Curiosity, passion and discovery


The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is the first of the three academic programmes of the IB continuum.

The PYP lasts eight years, with children starting at the age of three. The first three years correspond to our nursery school, the Early Years Unit -EYU- and the following five years -Year 1 to Year 5 - correspond to the Italian primary school.

The H-International School of Treviso has been an IB World School for PYP since 2008.

Eight years of exploring the world around us

Early Years Unit

Exploring the world and making discoveries. Observing the veins on a leaf or a line of ants heading to their anthill: the Early Years Unit at H-International School encourages children to analyze, experiment and ask questions about the world around them.

The Honey Bees - 3 to 4 years, the Busy Bees - 4 to 5 - and the Reception Rockets - 5 to 6 - each have a mother tongue teacher and a full-time classroom assistant. This way children are immersed in an English-speaking environment from an early stage and can acquire the phonetics and vocabulary of the most international language of all.

Through direct experimentation and dialogue, children are able to find the answers to their questions in an environment that is built to measure. Parents (and the rest of the family), with the assistance of the teachers, are encouraged to have an active role in their child’s learning process.


From Year 1 to Year 5

The following five years are the natural continuation of the EYU. The multidisciplinary approach of the English mother tongue teacher through the six units of inquiry is completed by other specialist lessons: Italian language, music, coding and PE.

At the end of each school year, during the "Led conferences", students present the outcome of their work throughout the year to teachers and parents by showcasing their portfolio - an album filled with pictures, drawings, thoughts and reflections for each unit of inquiry.


Lessons begin at 8.30am and finish at 3.15pm.

Recess is from 10.10 until 10.30am and lunchtime is from 12.10 until 1.10pm.


School life

Many events such as assemblies, cake sales, sports day, sports tournaments, ukulele lessons and PTA-organised events take place during the school week. The PYP years are full of curricular and extracurricular activities, which make this school not just a place to learn, but a wonderful life experience.