Living at H-International School:
food service, boarding, mobility

Buses and shuttles
Buses and shuttles
H-International School is connected with major nearby cities through a dedicated shuttle bus system.

There are five different bus lines that accompany students to the Ca’ Tron Campus. From Treviso, there are two lines (Green A and Green B), departing from Piazza Vittoria and Treviso Palaverde, heading to Ca’ Tron. The Red line connect Venice, Mestre and Spinea with Ca’ Tron. The Blue line connects the Padua bus station with our Ca’ Tron campus.

Food and meals
Canteen and catering
A nutritious and healthy meal that is mindful of the seasonality and quality of the ingredients.

Our students' lunches at the H-international School Treviso campus in via Sile 6 (PYP 1-5, MYP 1-3 and High School) are served at our on-site restaurant, Le Cementine. Our kitchen staff has chosen Ottavian Ristorazione as a partner with whom to collaborate in sourcing high-quality products (seasonal, local, Dop, Igp), which is a priority for our scholastic community.

For the EYU and PYP (nursery school), the meal service is provided by an internal kitchen at the new school building in via Piovega.

At both the PYP-MYP / High School and the EYU / PYP locations, serious food allergies are managed by the school upon request of the family through a specific service provided by our catering partner.

Studying at H-FARM and at H-International School can be a complete experience.

We offer High School students from out of town, abroad or simply those who prefer to optimise study and leisure time, the possibility of staying in our facilities for the duration of their course of study.

High School students stay at Tenuta Ca’ Tron, the large facility once used as the headquarters of the large agricultural area of ​​Ca’ Tron and now partly converted to boarding facilities. Accommodation for students is in double rooms with a bathroom, with weekly linen and cleaning service.

We take care of our students at all times

Accommodation in the Tenuta is coordinated by a Housemaster and Housemistress, a point of reference for the students, who is also one of the school's teachers. They organise afternoon and evening extracurricular activities and support students in their school work. A facility manager takes care of the proper functioning of all services connected with the stay, from transportation to room maintenance and meals.

A full and comprehensive

The boarding fee includes: boarding staff services, access to the Tenuta's small fitness area, breakfast, dinner, housekeeping, linen changes and standard extracurricular activities.

On request, boarding is also available during the weekends.

Language support
Language support

H-International School Treviso provides students with language support during the school year for an extra charge. Lessons are conducted by a mothertongue teacher to facilitate and encourage the transition to bilingualism.

Language support consists of tutoring activities during lessons, as well as dedicated language support sessions up to the Christmas break. In the event that students need further tutoring, the school will provide for it directly. For High School students, however, the language tutoring path for integration into the school is organised before the beginning of the school year with a dedicated and personalised programme.

If necessary, language support can be on-going during the course of the year and organized to fit into the student's class schedule, as well as intensive sessions on Saturdays.