Timeframe and procedures

Timeframe and procedures

When and how to enrol, assessments

Language Assessment

From the first year of nursery school (Honey Bees) to Middle 3 (MYP3 / 8th grade), students are not required to take an entrance test that could preclude the enrolment in school. The student's level of English and Italian is assessed during the first few days of school.

Starting from the third year of preschool (Reception class) to PYP5 (5th Grade), if the new student does not come from a mother tongue or bilingual context, Language Support is applied as a rule. From the first year of middle school (MYP1) applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis based on the student's linguistic level.

The fee for Language Support is €2.500 for the entire academic year in PYP and MYP1-3. The cost varies for MYP4-5.

Entrance Exam

Starting from the year MYP4 (9th grade), it is necessary to take an entrance test in order to enrol in H-International School. The exam consists of written tests in Mathematics, Critical Thinking and English, and an oral test in English.

Tests are held at least three times a year, generally in the months of November, January and May.

Students are free to repeat the test several times: after a first test, if the outcome is negative, our teachers will take the necessary steps to highlight any weakness and recommend a personalised plan for improvement.

In the case of a negative outcome, H-International School Treviso provides an online video-course with one of our teachers to improve the level of Maths and a collaboration with Fluentify.com to improve the level of English.

The next entrance tests (for the s.y. 2020/2021), will be held on the following dates:

  • May 2020 (to be defined)

Do you want to take the Entrance Test? Write us!