Europe Code Week

Europe Code Week

The last two weeks H-IS Rosà participated in "Code Week", the Europe Code Week. This initiative aims to bring students closer to coding and digital world in a fun and engaging way. Learning to program helps us keep up with a constantly evolving world, expand our technological knowledge and develop digital skills.

Together with our DLC and Apple Educator Ruggero Cortese, classes have carried out different activities: the little ones in Reception have been involved in "My Robotic Friends"; they instructed one of their classmates to behave like a robot and to stack glasses following different basic coding schemes.

Children in Year1 have become familiar with the "Bee Bot" bees, learning to orientate themselves in space and to program them to make drawings.

In Year8 have they participated in "Mondrian Code" programming with "Swift", an abstract painting. In Year5 the children together with David Goodchild have created real websites pages using HTML language.

Congratulations to everybody!