H-Parents take action!

H-Parents take action!

Who ever said that parents can't learn from the IB?

During the last few weeks, some of the H-IS Treviso mothers have taken the initiative to make improvements in our local community, in particular, for the animal community!

There have recently been several stray cats who congregate in the parking lot, near the chicken coop and at the bar, in search of food. The parents’ network contacted Ms. Electra, who is a member of the Animal Defense Association in San Donà, to inform her about the poor health and malnourishment of the cats. Electra then contacted the city of Roncade and officially requested the creation of a Feline Sanctuary near the school car park, thus making it possible for a veterinarian to check the cats and start a sterilization program, in order to prevent the proliferation of diseases and new litters of kittens and ensuring that the cats are healthy and peaceful.

The concerned group of parents, awaiting the intervention by the local health authorities, have fed and given water to the cats, while Ms. Electra has brought several cats to be sterilised at her own expense. 

A few days ago, the city officially created the sanctuary for 14 cats, began sterilising them and providing medical care for one cat per month, with help from Ms. Electra, who transports the cats to Ponzano, and Ms. Roberta, who purchases their food and organises the work of the other volunteers. “We have created a great community that helps these cats,” said Ms. Electra, “and during the school holidays, Corinna’s assistance was fundamental. We will continue to provide assistance even when we move to the new campus.”

This is a wonderful example of individuals taking "action" and the embodiment of the IB Learner Profile attribute "caring." Thank you all.