Online Learning: what the H-Parents tell

Online Learning: what the H-Parents tell

My name is Elisabetta and I am the mother of Alvise and Jacopo.

Even before my children were born, I often thought: "When I am old, I will think back on my past, and I don't want to realise too late that I did not allow myself the time to watch them grow" ("Children’s emotions" by Isabelle Filliozat). Despite being a full-time mother, I live a hectic life, one that is dictated by a routine that has not always allowed me to fully experience life alongside my children. During this strange and surreal period, I gladly accepted the opportunity to spend my days observing them and assisting them in the activities that their teachers have designed for their classes.

My children are not yet autonomous in organising their day but we have set a daily routine. We have transformed the house to try to create a school-like atmosphere and they know that if they need me or their father, who is currently working from home, we are ready to help them. Additionally, we parents have the opportunity to have a first-hand experience with the IB method that fascinated us so much when we chose the school for them. We are happy to see how the online learning activities created by the teachers are always rich and stimulating. We do not always manage to complete all the activities but we delve into the topics that we like the most - for example, we apply maths when cooking or in the games we play, we create music and we let our imaginations run wild. 

We try to live in the present, thinking about the past and looking towards a future that we hope will arrive soon. In that future, we will arrive armed with more self-confidence, more determined and motivated to continue this learning experience that has involved our whole family.

We are grateful to have been able to see that the school is not made up simply of notions and programs but of deep relationships that put the students at the center of the educational path and that are transmitted every day in our home. Thanks to technology, the use of iPads and the network, we are able to connect to our teachers and classmates and to fill the void that was created seemingly overnight. We express our need to feel close and to belong to a school community that, despite everything, is alive and active.