The School Bus App Has Arrived!

The School Bus App Has Arrived!

Would you like to be able to track your child’s journey to school? Check where their school bus is and if your child has got on the bus?

Every day at H-IS Treviso, around 9 buses arrive and depart. All the buses have different capacities (from 9 to 50 seats) and cover the areas of Treviso, Padova, Venice, Mestre and local public transportation stops. Every day, 220 of our students use the School Bus service that is organised by the school. 

But what if a student wishes to go home with a friend? What if they are sick, late or absent? Or if the person that picks them up from the bus stop is running late?

We know that everyday life (especially that of parents) is made up of several phone calls, reorganisation and unforeseen circumstances. 

Starting with this new school year, the school had given parents the possibility to use an application, which will allow them to manage any type of need related to the school bus. On the app, they can track the bus that their child is on, see where the bus is during its journey, make a request to change their child’s stop or route. Every child that uses the school bus service has been given a badge, which is “scanned” as soon as they get on the bus.

This app is another service that the school has created for parents and for the safety of our students!