Studying chemistry in the MYP: observing a cell

Studying chemistry in the MYP: observing a cell

As everyone knows, when studying the sciences, practical and hands-on activities in a laboratory setting are a fundamental component. This is why at H-International School, lab hours and direct experiences are encouraged starting in the first years of the MYP.

During the last few weeks, H-IS Treviso’s MYP2 and MYP3 classes had two different lab experiences involving the study of cells. 

The MYP2 class, along with Mr. Vaitsopoulos, used a microscope to look at some animal and vegetable cells on slides, observing the differences of the cell structure, from the cytoplasm to mitochondria. They then created a sample on a slide with a red onion. «It was fascinating to see the satisfaction in their eyes as they used the microscope and discovered an entire world of tiny things».

The MYP3, along with Ms. Scapolan, went a little deeper into a unit on genetics and even extracted DNA from the nucleus of plant cells from fruit. Using a solution of salt and detergent, pineapple juice (you read that right, pineapple juice!) and alcohol, they extracted a tiny milky substance: DNA.

Thanks to our science H-Teachers for these wonderful experiences!