Language support, Cambridge certifications, English courses for adults

Language support

The school welcomes Italian and foreign students who come from all sorts of scholastic and geographic backgrounds. To facilitate their arrival at the school, language support activities are available for an extra fee. Individual courses in Italian or English are scheduled throughout the school day and support activities are provided in the classroom by the Italian and foreign language teachers.

Cambridge certifications

The school offers its students the possibility to receive external certification of their English language skills, conducted by the international experts at the University of Cambridge.

The certification, which is voluntary and entails an extra fee, is organized as follows:

Young Learners Starters - 2° year of Primary School
Ket - 5° year of Primary School (Quadro Europeo A2/B1)
Pet - 1° year of Middle School (Quadro Europeo B1/B2)
Fce - 3° year of Middle School (Quadro Europeo B2)
Cae - Cpe for former students (Quadro Europeo C1/C2)

English courses for adults

Our school also organizes English language courses for adults.
The courses offer the possibility to study the language with experienced teachers who are native English speakers, within the international environment of the school. In addition to working on language skills, the goal of the course is to create a group of people with whom to collaborate, learn and have fun.