H-IS Mandorla

H-IS Mandorla

H-IS Mandorla is a name for Daycare and Preschool

Why "Mandorla"?

The choice of the name Mandorla (Almond in English) evokes a sensibility for nature.

It brings to mind the idea of precious treasure, with a sweet and bitter taste, which lends itself to different uses and numerous possibilities.

Milk and nutritious oils are extracted from its seed. Originating in Italy, the fruit is known all over the world and, for some cultures, represents a symbol of hope. Its budding owers are a symbol of the arrival of spring, bringing its color and smell to nature, gardens and cities.
Thus, Mandorla is a tting name for the growth of this project that is dedicated to children and their future.

School life

The Nursery-School is a place where children share the pleasure of being with others on a daily basis.They experiment with relationships, sharing, friendships, openness and inclusivity. An experience that is made possible by being together in a place that nurtures relationships.


The Nursery is open from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm.
Attendance is regulated by the following options:

  • from 7.30 to 12.30 - part time

  • from 7.30 to 16.00 - full time

  • from 7.30 to 18.30 - all inclusive

Our values


The centrality of the child is the main feature of the Nursery and Kindergarten: the belief is that a child is an active organism that has all the inner potential for development through stimulating environments, opportunities for exploration, expression and different languages.


In the belief that the child possesses a hundred languages, it is up to the adult to listen, recognize and enhance them and create situations in which multiple possibilities can emerge.


The school environment, in addition to being an architectural structure, is a place of life and a meeting place, creating space for relationships between people and interactions with objects. The Nursery and the Kindergarten create a living environment, continuously defined and modified by the explorations, research and experiences of all its inhabitants.


The educational staff of H-IS Mandorla, starting with the Nursery, focuses on a close collaboration between educators and native English-speaking teachers who continuously interface and coordinate with Italian mother-tongue colleagues.


Nursery and Kindergarten should underline the idea that nutrition symbolises health, pleasure, culture, while paying attention to the origin, the type of production and the seasonality of the products that are consumed within the school.