Middle Years Programme

Middle Years Programme

Growth, reflection and action.
Five years to focus on goals

MYP 1-3

The MYP years 1-3 (corresponding to the Italian middle school) feature a strongly innovative and international curriculum, aimed at uncovering passions and talents.

In a total amount of 40 hours, the curriculum includes 11 “unique” lessons that make the H–IS path exceptional:

  • 5 lessons of Visual Arts and Technology (what we call The Big Rock Approach)
  • 4 lessons of Science, half of which are conducted in the science-tech labs
  • 2 lessons of Computer Science

In addition to this, in order to provide an increased level of learning, we add an extra hour of English and one hour of Physical and Health Education to encourage and support the growth and physicality of this age group. They are added to the curriculum hours listed in the table below as complimentary educational courses.

* The programme displayed below is valid starting from s.y. 2018/2019. 

MYP 4-5

The beginning of high school marks the growth of the students' relationship with the world of H-FARM and external companies, as well as their participation in educational and training programmes that are increasingly engaging.

The first two years are structured in a "core" subject package for a total of 27 hours.

Furthermore, all students attend 7 hours of the H-FARM PATHWAY, a course unique to H-FARM, for those interested in innovation, creation and entrepreneurial skills. The course includes Business, a subject whose curriculum is developed in partnership with H-FARM, an Acceleration Lab, Magic Hours and the Human Skills Lab. The remaining 6 hours can be chosen from 2 packages:

  • BigRock Approach, linked to the world of animation and 3D graphics, provides for 3 hours of Visual Arts or Computer Science in addition to the 3 core hours of Design Technology (focused on graphic design).
  • Entrepreneurial Approach, linked to the world of startups, business and entrepreneurship, connects Design Technology (focused on design thinking and presentation design) to Economics and the H-FARM PATHWAY for a total of 13 hours.

Classes begin at 8.30am and end at 4.15pm, with a recess in the morning (10.10-10.30) and a break for lunch.

School Life

MYP students are the main organisers and promoters of activities outside the classroom. They plan fundraisers, clubs and even language lessons during their lunch break. The five years of the MYP are powered by communities of students who, with the support of their teachers, know how to take initiative.