"Things are going to be okay, and if their not, then... it’s not the end"

"Things are going to be okay, and if their not, then... it’s not the end"

We are proud to share with you the speech wrote by Eugenia, one of the International School of Talents - Multicampus DP students, for the DP 2019 Graduation Ceremony.


Good Evening, everyone, Class 2019, teachers, Families, and friends,

don’t worry I am gonna make this fast.

I am here today to say thank you and to speak for those incredible people sitting there. 627s days ago we first entered H-FARM, we didn’t know each other, we all came from different schools in different cities and even different countries.

Do you guys remember the first day of school?
I do, All students were in a big room, and they suddenly called DP1, I had no idea what that stood for, so I just followed the guys who looked my age.
Once we were all together they asked us to choose the subjects we wanted to take, At that exact moment I realized I had no idea how IB worked either and honestly I still don’t…
I was terrified that day, everything was so different, nothing made sense, I just wanted to go back, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up and I’m incredibly proud of my class for doing so as well.
Changes are scary, but if you work hard enough, changes become achievements and achievements look like these guys.

I remember us as DP1 during our 4oth TOK class, while everyone Was still trying to figure out what TOK actually is… Miss Gitz asked us to evaluate whether art should be sold or not, A big argument came up that day many of us were stating that is pointless to spend millions on pieces of art that look easily replicable “I could do that too and than just call it art” one of us said.
Miss Gietz laughing replayed “It is art called because it has a meaning”. The point is guys no matter how easy or meaningless the things you do can appear to other people eyes, it’s essential that you do and say what you think because if those things have a purpose to you, then you should do no matter what to go after them. Because if you decide to take the risk of being judged by others to express yourselves and let your voice be heard, you will end up realizing that whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.

I am so glad of having here in front of me all the people that contributed in forming us into what we ended up being today, nothing of this would be possible without you, mostly our amazing teachers.
We want you to know that we respect you immensely, because you picked up something and you did it to help us.
Is because of people like you, that make people like me work harder, because there is no reason not to work harder.
Is because of people like you that treat us as more than just a grade from one to seven on a piece of paper.
Is because of people like you that moves from the other part of the world giving up everything and comes to live in Roncade just to teach economics to 4 desperate students.
Is because of people like you that students find beauty in culture and manage to develop interests. We shine of your light, and for that I speak on the behalf of the class of 2019 by saying: thank you.

And then there the rest of you specifically the parents and everyone else that helped in raising us, because that is no glamorous job either. So thank you all for your patient your support. Even though we don’t say it very often we love you and we admire you, were just too proud to show it everyday.

There is one last group in here I want to thank and congratulate to, I’m talking about those 6 guys seated in black, you are amazing people which I’ve been proud to call my classmates for these passed 2 years. I know we all are excited but at the same time everything is so confusing we recognize that today a big chapter of our life has just ended and a completely different one is yet to come. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have time to change our minds, It doesn’t mean our future will be defined by the result of this exams and. it doesn’t mean that is wrong not to know who we are or who we want to become.
The only thing we need to be worried about now is to use our time to its fullest. to not waste even a second of our summer and to live new experiences that that will one day become unforgettable memories.

Because, at the end things are going to be okay, and if their not, then... it’s not the end.

Thank you all!