Sebastiano Zanolli (by Virginia Cacciavillan)

Sebastiano Zanolli (by Virginia Cacciavillan)

Sebastiano Zanolli is an ex-manager who devoted his past 25 years to “help people and teams achieve their own professional goals while keeping their humanity”. He was born in 1964, in a small city near Vicenza: Bassano del Grappa. He studied economics at university where he learned the skills necessary to become the manager of world-famous brands such as Adidas and Diesel. He also has an ICF: a first level master in coaching and in 2012 he even won a prize for the help he brought thanks to his creative activity and the social, economic and cultural development he brought in his city. For three years he was responsible for the projects “Altoscuola” and “Cavanis” both created to spread education. And finally, he worked at H-Farm for public communication and “Personal Branding,”

So, after a not so brief introduction due to his incredible past, Sebastiano began talking with us. Getting us engaged by speaking about popular clothing and lifeless trends, things that we surely know everything about at our age. But as he continued and deepened the conversation, some deeper themes emerged. Some of them such as the courage to fail. The tall man explained how one of the most important things in life is what you do with the mistakes you make. How you react, fight back and learn in a way that will help you shape yourself in the best version of yourself.

He also talked about his books, all seven of them, on coaching and motivation and how to know yourself. The topics that were covered in his work were broad: they could capture anyone. From the old to the young it is always the right time to learn more about yourself. His books talked about fear, talent, society and how to use all three to your advantage. I believe it is always useful to know how to turn a situation in your favor.

All these messages are crucial for us. We are young and have the whole world ahead of us. The skills he talked about could impact our lives so deeply it might never be the same again. If we knew how to define our thoughts and shape our ideas into real life our opportunities would be limitless.

I too think it is essential for us to master these skills. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, and maybe knowing ourselves better could help us get there.